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About Us

Cakes from Cheese Garden is defined by its simple appearance, and its light and mellow flavour. Their pâtissier’s dedication and focus on making the cakes provide you the best quality cakes with an unmatched experience. We carefully consider, and select every ingredient in recipes, and use a sophisticated technique to bake all cakes. We offer the most authentic Japanese taste of classic cheesecake, baked cheese tart, the signature Double Fromage Cheesecake, and the Uji Matcha Tiramisu. Cheese Garden offers the authentic Japanese taste experience through the adhere to Japanese-style recipes, and the classic craftsmanship. You can stop by Cheese Garden for exquisite pastries reminiscent of the streets of Tokyo. We are doing our best to present our customers with our sweet gifts. Let us bring you the opportunity to share our creations with your family and friends. Follow us on Facebook @cheesegardenca, Instagram @cheesegarden_ca. To learn more about us, please visit:



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