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Introducing Aesop

Article Date: Fri Feb 8, 2019

The new Aesop store is located in the vibrant, cultural heart of our city. Created by Aesop’s in-house Design department, the space celebrates the curving concrete and panelled glass of the nearby City Hall, whose modernist design symbolised the city’s emergence as an international metropolis. A wide, arched, concrete façade marks the threshold between the bustling retail centre and the serene store. Pivoting glass-panel doors temper the entrance.

Inside, grey fossilised limestone supports an immense cast- concrete basin, which echoes the saucer-like form of the City Hall’s council chamber. Two generous walls of lacquered product shelving frame the corner space in allusion to the placement of the City Hall towers. The counter’s leather top contributes warm tactility. Grey wood-wool fibres, tiled on the ceiling, achieve a muted ambiance—a relief from the humming centre. 

The store’s trained consultants will be pleased to introduce you to their complete range of products for the skin, hair, body and home, and to prescribe formulations best suited to your individual needs—and to Toronto’s extreme climate.


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