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Season Stock Associate

Posted: Thursday, Nov 02, 2017

Job Type: Seasonal

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***We are currently recruiting for flexible, temporary stock associates to join the team between October and January, to assist us through our busiest time of the year.***

You will be responsible for ensuring the replenishment needs of the store are met daily in order to maximize sales. This will involve manual replenishment pre-trade, radio requests during trade, and continual replenishment of stock sold throughout trade. Additionally you will be responsible for ensuring the correct sizes are available on the trading floor, liaising with floor staff and other assistants as required. Additionally there will be the requirement to aide general stockroom tasking when necessary.

Responsible for the process of replenishment
Ensure all procedures are followed to minimize stock loss
Ensure stock rotation processes are adhered to
Ensure stock level information is communicated effectively
Dealing with merchandising requests and size availability
Knowledge of stock levels at all times
Responsibility for deliveries into the store being managed effectively
Responsible for stock delivery and merchandising
Ensuring correct swing ticket information is on all products
Ensuring tag check procedures are adhered to
Responsible for ensuring tagging procedures are followed
Responsible for reporting security issues when necessary
Responsible for ordering security tags
Ensures customer’s needs are met at all times
Responsible for floor replenishment
Working with VM’s for stocking of floor items
Ensuring full product knowledge is utilised
Ensure all fire exits/ walkways are free from boxes of delivery/combustibles
Ensuring lifting and handling of deliveries are dealt with in the correct manner


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