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Leasing Information



Retail Leasing:

Oren Rubin

Leasing Executive



Office Leasing:

Larry Barrett

Director, Office Leasing

(416) 598-8442


Specialty Leasing Information:

Promotions (short term)
Pop-up retail


Cadillac Fairview’s Portfolio/Property Promotions & Sponsorships Program provides promotional opportunities, in an effort to target key retailing periods and reinforce your brand position.


Cadillac Fairview’s Portfolio/Property Promotions Program is our "One-Stop-Shop" for all your corporate promotions and advertising needs. Think of Cadillac Fairview’s portfolio of properties as a national, high visibility sales medium, and offering:

  • Incredible traffic numbers of a captive, upscale demographic
  • Targeted geographic, demographic and customer profiles
  • Point of sale exposure to consumers for new product and service launches
  • Cross-promotion opportunities with existing retailers
  • Opportunities for marketing where you may connect with your consumer directly
  • In mall car promotional displays
  • Build customer acquisition and retention by interacting with customers one-on-one.
  • Sampling programs to launch/test product to target market

For further information or to book space please use this document or email us at


Jeff Simmonds

Sr. Manager, Specialty Leasing

(416) 598-8589