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Promotions (short term)


Pop-up retail

Cadillac Fairview’s Portfolio/Property Promotions & Sponsorships Program provides promotional opportunities, in an effort to target key retailing periods and reinforce your brand position.


Cadillac Fairview’s Portfolio/Property Promotions Program is our "One-Stop-Shop" for all your corporate promotions and advertising needs. Think of Cadillac Fairview’s portfolio of properties as a national, high visibility sales medium, and offering:


Incredible traffic numbers of a captive, upscale demographic

Targeted geographic, demographic and customer profiles


Point of sale exposure to consumers for new product and service launches


Opportunities for marketing where you may connect with your consumer directly


In mall car promotional displays


Build customer acquisition and retention by interacting with customers one-on-one.


Sampling programs to launch/test product to target market


At Cadillac Fairview our goal is to provide state-of-the-art shopping environments in which our tenants can maximize sales and increase bottom-line results while managing change.

With over 60 retail shopping centres in North America, and new retail acquisitions in Brazil and the U.K., we are committed to providing our merchants with outstanding locations, facilities and services that showcase leading edge retail initiatives while promoting consumer buying and customer loyalty.

Sherway Gardens is one of our premier shopping centres located in the west end of Toronto. The Centre draws from a large trade area of 2.7 million people and boasts high sales and productivity.

To see how we can help you meet your strategic and business objectives, and long term (over 2 years) leasing needs, please contact:



Lauren Elliot 

Director, Retail Leasing 

(416) 598-8497


Please note that Sherway Gardens does not have a temporary cart or kiosk program in place. Contact Lauren Elliot for permanent inline leasing opportunities only.

For more information, please visit



For more information regarding specialty leasing, please contact:

Jeff Simmonds 

Senior Manager, National Specialty Leasing 

(416) 598-8589>