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CF Sherway Gardens Green at Work




Green at Work




As one of North America’s largest owners and managers of commercial real estate, Cadillac Fairview is committed to being “Best in Class”, which is evident through our approach to green initiatives. As a company, we feel it is our obligation to seek out the latest advances in green building design and operation – to lead by example. The successful execution of company-wide green initiatives is being achieved through a detailed, measurable and long-term program called GREEN AT WORK™. The premise of GREEN AT WORK™ is the idea that sustainability is both the right thing to do and the smart thing to do. We realize that our sustainable operations reduce operating costs, earn client loyalty and provide a healthier working environment for us all.


The program itself focuses on five environmental pillars:

  1. Energy: A key focus is on Energy Conservation and Efficiency and the incorporation of renewable energy sources, with a long term goal of net-zero emissions from buildings.
  2. Waste Management: Our goal is to generate zero waste by implementing a consistent and dedicated approach to waste diversion and waste minimization.
  3. Environmental Protection: Our goal is to eliminate adverse impacts at our properties wherever our activities, products and services interact with the environment, while ensuring compliance with governmental regulations.
  4. Sustainable Procurement: Wherever possible, we will utilize environmentally-friendly products, services and best management practices at all properties.
  5. Communication: Our comprehensive Green Communication Plan has been designed to inform, engage, educate and share green best practices with our employees and clients so that we can work together to make a difference.


At CF Sherway Gardens, we are making our operations sustainable and reducing operating costs by:

  • Using a combination of sensor and timer controlled lighting
  • Improving waste diversion rate by setting a target of 76% by end of 2016
  • Interior and exterior LED light installation
  • High-efficiency toilets in washrooms
  • Rain water harvesting with increased exterior planters
  • Green Roof