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Seasonal Stylist

Posted: Friday, Oct 20, 2017

Job Type: Seasonal

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You’ve got to…
o Make the best first impression – for us, that’s: smile, welcome and connect with customers authentically.
o Love us – everything about us: the clothes, accessories, shoes, partnerships, styling, stores and above all, our customers. That passion must be evident in your actions, every hour, every day, every week.
o Do what it takes to create a seamless, “blow her away” experience she can’t stop talking about.
o Bring your best to everything you do and achieve your goals, particularly SPH.
o Always be on, up for anything and ready to have fun along the way.
o Have a great fashion aesthetic and be all over what’s happening in the industry.
o Juggle – think many balls in the air: you’ll work with one customer, then 4 at a time, then shift to tasks (when customers are not around). It’s all about making the most of every moment and multi-tasking.
o Be technologically savvy, while also knowing that devices don’t dominate the dialogue.
o Build productive relationships with everyone on the team and always respect each other.


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