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Our New Inclusive CF Host Services

Article Date: Wed Nov 6, 2019

We reinvented our CF service area to be more accessible to all of our guests.

To do this, we collaborated with Level Playing Field Inc. and Community Living London to ensure it was designed with inclusive accessibility in mind.

CF Host Services offers the following new features:

·         iPad with accessible forms of media

·         Open and accessible space for all

·         Mixed textures and materials focused on accessibility and sustainability

·         Enhanced services including lost and found and wheel chair rental

·         Motorized wheelchair and scooter charging

·         Water station to refill your bottle and rehydrate service animals

These are just a few of the great new features we have. Also don’t forget about the services we already offer: CF SHOP! Cards, CF text help, wayfinding assistance and more.

Stop by on your next visit to see for yourself!

Meet you there!