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Located on Level 2, by Entrance 4. Freshly Squeezed is your source for fresh, natural fruit and vegetable juices. Treat yourself or re-energize with fresh juice, matcha, smoothies, bubble tea. Presotea is unique and different from the present tea beverage market. We have invented a new tea brewing technology by using high-temperature and high-pressure machine to extract the essence of tea; thus every customer can enjoy the fresh tea flavour and the bittersweet after-taste. After years of research and development, Presotea has an extensive range of unique tea related beverages to offer to our customers. Every cup of tea is freshly made in front of our customers, which gives us an added advantage over our competitors. Presotea insists on providing the freshness as well as a healthier way of drinking tea. A healthy bubble tea that you can only find in Presotea.



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