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The Magic Gift Workshop

Start Date: Sat Nov 18, 2017
End Date: Sun Dec 24, 2017

We invite you to experience gift wrapping like never before at the innovative, exclusive Magic Gift Workshop.

Bring a gift to the Workshop and be amazed as the Tufties use magic to wrap it right before your eyes! Register today to choose a time that suits your family and skip the line.

*Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. 

*Gift wrapping is limited to one gift wrap per experience.

*Gift dimensions are limited to 20"x20"x20"

The Magic Gift Workshop is located by the South Entrance.
Questions? Just text (587) 671-0188.

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1 ticket is for a family. Example - One ticket per family, one gift per experience, 1 ticket is all you need to book!

The Magic Gift Workshop is FREE. This includes the gift wrapping and bow that you take home. Gifts not included.

We can wrap 1 gift per visit and each visit can fit up to 5 people at one time.

The program is intended for all ages, everyone is welcome.

You can book your visit to the Magic Gift Workshop by selecting an available date, time, and type of visit from our booking calendar (above). Once you’re done, your confirmation and ticket will be emailed to you.

You can email tickets@cadillacfairview.com and include the CF Property and / or your confirmation number in your email to change your reservation.

Your reservation confirmation has been sent to the email address you entered when you booked your ticket. If you cannot find your confirmation, please email tickets@cadillacfairview.com


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