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How to Use Curbside Pickup at CF Lime Ridge

Article Date: Tue Jul 21, 2020

We're working hard to ensure your next visit to CF Lime Ridge is a safe and comfortable one. One of the services we're offering is curbside pickup, located in various parts of the parking lot for your convenience.

Here's how Curbside Pickup at CF Lime Ridge Works:

1. Start shopping via our retailers' websites, apps, or browse with the LiVE by CF app! Once you've found your must-haves, we recommend checking with the retailer to confirm their process for ordering. Typically, curbside pickup orders can be placed with the retailer directly through their website, app or by calling the store.

2. Stay tuned for a notification from the retailer confirming that your order is ready for pickup! Once you receive confirmation, head to CF Lime Ridge and look for the curbside pickup zones in the parking lot and park in a designated spot. Please visit this link to view the location of our curbside pickup zones.

3. Once parked, contact the retailer(s) you ordered from and let them know which curbside pickup Zone and Parking Spot you're in.

4. Open your trunk before the retail clerk arrives with your items.

5. Have your ID and order confirmation ready for the retail clerk to verify. Once confirmed, they'll drop the items in your trunk and close it up so you can be on your way!

6. Thank you for using curbside pickup at CF Lime Ridge. We hope you enjoy your purchases!

The following retailers are participating in Curbside pickup:

  • Baskin Robbins Ice Cream (access to Baskin Robbins is at Entrance #4. please call 905 388 3133 to place your order)
  • Jump +
  • Mucho Burrito
  • Old Navy
  • Real Fruit Bubble Tea (providing only take-out and Uber Eats delivery) 
  • Starbucks 
  • Sweet Jesus
  • Fossil
  • Lululemon