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Grillades Torino

Grillades Torino

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About Us

Fresh and Fired-Up! Rushed gourmets like to eat well, but quickly. Stop for a few minutes to have a healthy meal at Grillades Torino. Unique recipes: chicken, meat or sausage grilled in front of you, any way you like! You can even compose your own plate. At Grillades Torino, we love when a meal is low in fat and high in flavor! We use the best the Mediterranean has to offer in scents, herbs, spices, olive oil, thyme, rosemary, as well as fresh ingredients. Come and watch us marinate, grill, mix and serve quickly a healthy, delicious, nutritious and light meal. You will then understand that FAST and HEALTHY are synonymous. Grillades Torino is where Mediterranean heritage, freshness, flavor, nutrition, and good food are served quickly. Drop in for a meal and enjoy Grillades Torino while you shop.



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