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Leasing Information




With over 175 stores, restaurants and services, CF Galeries d'Anjou is one of the largest Shopping Centres in the East End of Montreal. It's strategic location at the intersection of Highways 40 & 25 makes it a convenient shopping destination for the East End of Montreal residents.


For more information regarding Long Term Leasing, please contact:


Eric Fortier

Senior Director of Leasing

(514) 353-2071


Shenelle Demming 

Manager, Retail Leasing

(514) 353-2151


Stephanie Larocque 

Representative, Retail Leasing

(514) 353-2142


You can quickly become a player in the growing field of specialty leasing and benefit from low startup costs and minimal risk. It is easy to reach more than 160,000 consumers weekly and to promote your products or services, including vehicles of all kinds, to launch a new product or to promote an event in a strategic, high-visibility location. We can help you select the right site for your kiosk or promotion according to your needs and to maximize the impact you are seeking.


If you are interested by our Specialty Leasing program, please contact:


Caroline Lachapelle 

Specialty Leasing Representative

(514) 3261-2454