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Image of Réseau Express Metropolitain station

Réseau Express Metropolitain

Article Date: Thu Feb 11, 2021

CF Fairview Pointe Claire will be welcoming the new REM automated light rail Pointe-Claire station! The Réseau Express Metropolitain is a major public transit network linking the South Shore, North Shore, West Island, airport and downtown Montreal over 67 km and 26 stations. 

The south shore and central station are set to begin operations in 2021. Remaining stations, including Pointe-Claire, will take its first passengers in 2023 although construction will be completed by 2021.  

More about the REM station:
-  Trips 20h/day, 7 days/week
-  150 000 trips/day
-  Train runs every 10 to 15 minutes (every 2.5 minutes in the downtown area)
-  Wifi, heating, air conditioning
-  Train capacity up to 600 people
-  100% automated
-  Pointe-Claire to Central Station in 27 minutes
-  Downtown to the airport in 20 minutes (Yes, one of the stations is by the airport!)
-  Connections to 3 major metro stations: Bonaventure, McGill & Édouard-Montpetit

Light Rail Design

Designed to be
-  Automated and driverless: the network is operated and monitored from a command center, giving passengers a full 360 panoramic view of Montreal from the train car.
-  Universal access: All 26 stations will be wheelchair accessible with elevators.
-  Montreal winter-proof: ergonomically designed to avoid snow pile ups on both ends of each train car, REM trains are also fully equipped with heated door thresholds and floors, automatic heated couplers, ice protection equipment, heated windshields and ice scrapers.

REM Map with Stations