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Thank you for being a #CFLeftoverHero!

Article Date: Tue Mar 16, 2021

Your #CFLeftoverHero likes, comments and posts are in, and we are touched! Thanks to your engagement CF has donated $10,000 to Second Harvest food rescue in the Calgary community.

$10,000 means 20,000 meals for people living through food insecurity, so your impact is felt by so many.

Thank you for being a #CFLeftoverHero! 

A little about Second Harvest…

“Second Harvest rescued food is rescuing lives. It enables the filling of empty cupboards and refrigerators.”

In Canada, far too much healthy food goes to landfill when it’s not sold. Since 1985, Second Harvest has been rescuing millions of pounds of fresh, healthy food from farms, retail and foodservice and redistributing it to thousands of non-profit organizations. Second Harvest puts millions of dollars of food value back into communities and stops the harmful environmental impact of food needlessly going to landfill.

In Calgary, Second Harvest supports 90+ charitable agencies, including Calgary Family Peer Connections who have been responsible for rescuing the most food in AB to date.

Still curious? To donate, volunteer or learn more, visit