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Le Petit Dep / Magenta Studio Photo

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Combining a coffee shop, a boutique and a convenience store all into one, Le Petit Dep (LPD) is an enchanting and friendly place with an eclectic vibe! We offer third wave coffee from Canadian roaster 49th Parallel, gourmet and comforting ready-to-eat dishes, a wide variety of local fine products, a range of unique and fun objects, as well as a selection of convenient goods. The aqua green façade and the ultra-vintage design make the LPD a true delight for both your taste buds and your eyes! To top it all off, a Magenta Photo is located inside Le Petit Dep! Discover our brand new studio in which our skilled photographers will create just the right ambience to bring out your best side. Your only dilemma will be… which photo to share first! Come in for a break and a cup of coffee. Le Petit Dep is an old-fashioned corner store and cafe. Established in 1822, Le Petit Dep has timeless comforts. The next time you shop at CF Carrefour Laval be sure to spend a little time at Le Petit Dep.



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